Investing in Latin American female founders.

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Female Founders Outperform

Why We Want More Female Founders

At Magma, we want outsized returns.

That’s why we invest in female founders

Many studies have now established that founding teams with at least one female co-founder outperform their all-male counterparts. They generate higher revenues, bring in bigger profits, and exit faster and at higher valuations.

The problem is that female founders worldwide only receive 2% of VC dollars, and women founders of Latin American origin get less than 1/10 of that number. This means that the world economy is missing out on a trillion dollar opportunity.


Diverse startup teams deliver higher returns.

Diverse VC funds invest in diverse teams.

Venture capital is a notoriously closed-door industry. Our own 2019 research in TechCrunch showed that 93% of partner-level VCs in Latin America are men. Since female VCs invest in female founders up to 3 times more often than male VCs do, it is clear that more female investors and female-founder-friendly funds are needed to help Latin America prosper.

That’s where we come in. Via Brava, Magma Partners is investing in an “underlooked asset class that is overperforming”.

We help founders succeed

Top Seed Investor in LatAm

Brava is an initiative by Magma Partners, a top Latin American early stage VC firm that has invested in 75+ companies since 2014.

All-Star Operator Network

Our Operator Network is our secret sauce. Our mentors come from large tech companies, top VC firms, and media in LatAm and Silicon Valley alike. They are here to help our portfolio companies thrive.

We Bridge LatAm & Silicon Valley

Ensuring our portfolio companies find support both in LatAm and in Silicon Valley is key, and that's why we help all our portfolio companies find great co-investors, no matter the geography.

Our Investment Thesis

Through Brava, Magma funds female founders and co-founders operating in Latin America, and female founders and co-founders from Latin America who now operate elsewhere in the world.